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Career at Best Western

Would you like to pursue a career in a hotel with its own personality? Then you are exactly right with us. No Best Western is like the other, every hotel is unique, because all Best Western hotels are privately run. So, your boss is always within reach, knows when there is a problem and sees how you are developing in your position. Anyone who then does a good job, works independently and has good ideas, quickly becomes an important part of the team. These are ideal conditions for professional development and for a successful career at Best Western.​

Hotelfachfrau/-mann bei Best Western

What do you do as a hotel manager?

As a hotel manager, you are the heart of our Best Western Hotel. Your diverse tasks include ensuring that guest service, reception and administration run smoothly. As a hotel manager, you are the first person to greet and look after our guests with a friendly smile and are always there to help with questions and concerns. You'll also coordinate reservations, check guests in and out, and ensure their needs are met. You are responsible for organizing events, banquets and meetings, you take care of the billing and ensure that all guest rooms are in perfect condition. In your job, communication is very important because you work closely with different departments such as housekeeping, kitchen and technology.

As a hotel manager, you have the opportunity to work in a wide variety of areas of hotel management. For example, you can specialize in sales & marketing, human resources or quality management. An apprenticeship in this area opens up a wide range of career opportunities in the hotel industry.

If you are an organizational talent and you enjoy working with people and would like to develop in a dynamic environment, the profession of hotel manager is just right for you.​

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Servicekraft bei Best Western

Whats your job as a waiter?

As a waiter in a hotel restaurant, you are the host and ensure an unforgettable culinary experience. You greet our restaurant guests with your friendly manner, accompany them to their seats and advise them on the selection of food and drinks. As a waiter/waitress you take orders, serve dishes and make sure everything runs smoothly. With your service at the table you create a pleasant atmosphere and make sure that the guests feel comfortable. In addition to your main tasks, you also take care of the table decorations, clearing and cashing up.

Your job will require teamwork as you will work closely with the kitchen, bar and other departments to provide guests with a first class experience. Training as a waiter in a hotel restaurant opens up numerous career opportunities in gastronomy. For example, you can develop into a restaurant manager, banquet manager or sommelier. But service is also an exciting area for career changers.

If you like working with people, have a high service orientation and love the hospitality industry, then this job is just right for you. Start your career now as a waiter in a restaurant and become part of Best Western.​

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Küchenpersonal bei Best Western

What is there to do in a hotel kitchen?

A variety of exciting tasks and jobs await you in the kitchen of a hotel. As a chef, you spoil our guests with culinary delights. You prepare high-quality dishes, plan menus, calculate costs and organize kitchen operations.

As a sous chef, you support the head chef and coordinate the processes in the kitchen. You will monitor the quality of the food, give instructions to the kitchen team and ensure that all dishes are prepared professionally and on time. You are the chef's right hand and make a significant contribution to the efficiency and success of the kitchen.

As a kitchen hand, you support the team with various tasks. You peel and cut ingredients, help to arrange the dishes, keep the kitchen clean and tidy and take on storage and prep work.

We offer you numerous career opportunities and options for further development. You can work your way up to chef de cuisine, or specialize in certain culinary specialities. Regardless of whether you are trained as a chef or have discovered your talent in the kitchen as a career changer, at Best Western you will find a varied working environment and the opportunity to live out your passion for gastronomy.

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Rezeptionist/in bei Best Western

What do you do at the front office?

As a receptionist, you are the face of a Best Western Hotel. You give our guests a warm welcome and ensure a smooth stay. At the reception you are the first point of contact for our guests and ensure a professional and friendly service. You always have an overview of upcoming arrivals and departures. You'll take reservations, check guests in and out, and address concerns and requests during their stay. ​

You are an expert on local attractions, restaurants and events to provide guests with recommendations and help them plan their stay. In addition, you will take care of the administration of guest data, billing and the cash register. You will work closely with other departments such as housekeeping, concierge and the restaurant team to ensure all guest requirements are met. ​

Communication skills are particularly important in this job. You are able to communicate effectively with guests and colleagues and respond appropriately to various inquiries and complaints. At the reception you have interesting career opportunities. For example, you can advance to become a front office manager or develop into other areas of hotel management. Do you have a service-oriented organizational talent and enjoy working with people? Then a job at reception could be your perfect entry into the hotel industry!​

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Hausdame bei Best Western

What’s happening behind the scenes?

Behind the scenes of a hotel there are a variety of exciting jobs that ensure smooth operations and are crucial to the success of Best Western Hotels. As a housekeeping employee, you ensure cleanliness and order in the guest rooms and public areas. You are responsible for cleaning, making the beds and maintaining the room furnishings.

As housekeeping manager, you are responsible for the entire housekeeping team. You coordinate the work processes, ensure smooth service and monitor the quality of the room cleaning.

Our in-house technicians are responsible for the maintenance and repairing of the technical systems and facilities in the hotel. You carry out repairs, check the function of heating, air conditioning and electrical systems and ensure that everything is working properly.​

If you have strong organizational skills and enjoy working behind the scenes, then these career opportunities are for you. Discover exciting jobs behind the scenes now. ​​

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Management bei Best Western

What jobs are there in management?

There are various exciting career opportunities in the management area of a hotel. As a hotel manager or director, you have overall responsibility for the operation of the hotel. You lead and motivate the team, recruit new employees, develop strategies to increase guest satisfaction and ensure smooth business development.​

In Sales & Marketing you are responsible for marketing the hotel and attracting new guests. You develop sales strategies, maintain relationships with business partners and promote bookings. In the position of Revenue Manager, you optimize prices and availability of your Best Western hotel to increase sales.​​

These management positions offer you a wide range of opportunities for further development. You can work your way up from an entry-level position to General Manager or become a respected specialist in Sales & Marketing, Revenue Management or Operations.​

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Madalena Ferreira
General Manager at the Aiden by Best Western, Biberach

"In my opinion, working as a director is wonderfully crazy. It's a crazy job. We often have to deal with a lot of tasks at the same time, it's challenging, and that's what makes this job so special. The work is so diverse. No two days are the same. No day goes as planned. For me, that's exactly the right thing because I'm totally flexible. I don't want to do routine work. The variety is what makes the job perfect for me. Once you've built a basic structure and the organization is up and running, then you can master the unforeseeable challenges of everyday director life. You have an incredible amount of contact with different people, you have the opportunity to build your team according to your own ideas, to support young people and to develop projects. It is very fulfilling to see how set goals become reality and to experience how the company develops. That gives you so much in return and compensates you for all the exhausting days.​

Best Western is like a big family that has your back. When you take up such a diverse profession as young as I do, it is extremely helpful to have professionals on hand for all kinds of specialist topics to support you. Best Western gives me the support that you need as a young manager."


This is Best Western

A family of passionate hosts

Our hoteliers are passionate hosts: diverse. Heartfelt. Personal. We live these values towards our guests as well as within our teams. Most of our Best Western establishments are owner- or even family-run. Our corporate culture is very family-like in all companies. Mutual support across all levels is very important to us. We appreciate short distances, open exchange and an appreciative atmosphere. Our global Best Western family sticks together and in our teams we take care of each other. Caring is part of our DNA.


Best Western® Hotels & Resorts is an award-winning network of hotels in over 100 countries and territories worldwide that has been celebrating hospitality for over 75 years and offers accommodations for the most diverse needs.

Our passionate hosts pamper their guests from the moment they arrive until they leave. Our leaders are known beyond the hospitality industry for their leadership, vision and commitment to charitable causes around the world.

Quality and service come first. Even if every hotel is different, the same high standards of quality and service apply worldwide - because we want to be among the best in our class.


Each of our diverse brands is independently operated and has its own personality and style. However, they all strive for the highest standards of customer service and offer the best services and modern comforts. The same applies to our operations and employees - we encourage individuality because it is part of our brand essence. Each of our houses is unique and it is the people who make our guests happy with us. What unites us all is our striving for high service quality - each and everyone in their own way. Each of our 10 hotel brands from Best Western Hotels & Resorts pursues its own style, but all share the same commitment to warm service and cozy comfort with a regional touch.

With us you can be who you are and above all you can make THE difference - for our guests and for your team. We give you ideal conditions for your personal and professional development.

Whether it’s a wellness hotel on the Baltic Sea or a business hotel in Berlin, a holiday hotel in Zermatt or a congress center in Ravensburg, a golf resort, gourmet temple or simply bed and breakfast in a Garni: In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Best Western offers almost every type of hotel in the 3 to 4-star segment – and with it a lot of opportunities to do the job that you enjoy the most!


Best Western International (BWI) offers an exceptional work environment in which we all lend a hand to achieve our common goals. Mutual aid is at the heart of our business, which began in 1946 with an informal hotel referral system. Even today, our approximately 5,000 employees in the Central Europe region follow this tradition of mutual support and thus ensure our global success.

We welcome international guests in our houses, you experience exciting stories every day and you can write them down yourself. With us, you can breathe in the air of the big wide world every day, and it comes straight to you into the hotel.

One of the largest hotel cooperations in the world - from Toronto to Sydney, from Los Angeles to Tokyo: there are nearly 4,000 Best Western hotels in 100 countries on five continents, including around 200 hotels in Germany, 13 in Switzerland and 18 in Austria.

With our worldwide employee travel program "Best Friends" you can stay overnight for an extremely low rate - worldwide! And in our region, Central Europe, you can even benefit from high percantages on food and beverage in our hotels.


Anastasia Rutolo
Reception and group coordinator at the Best Western Hotel Wiesbaden

"My job is group organization - I have a lot of responsibility and contact with many different people. That's what I particularly like about my work. I have organizational talent and prepare everything perfectly for large groups so that they have a great and smooth stay in our house. My colleagues can always fully rely on me - that gives me a good feeling. I love finding solutions to all kinds of problems here and sometimes making the impossible possible."​

Your career at Best Western

BWH Academy

The BWH Academy offers a wide range of free webinars that deal with topics from marketing, sales and other relevant areas for our hotels. Here employees can gain valuable knowledge and continuously develop their skills.

Each individual employee also receives exclusive access to our free e-learning platform, which makes learning an enriching experience with interactive modules and attractive videos in German and English. This innovative resource covers all topics and enables our employees to learn at their own pace and continuously expand their skills. Our platform includes comprehensive training materials on our reservation and loyalty programs, guest satisfaction and best practices for improving service quality, among others.


Talent Development

At Best Western, we not only care about exceptional hospitality, but also about the individual development of our employees. That's why we invest in our talents: every year, we organize an appreciative and motivating continuing education format: our "BEST Talents Day".

This special format brings together the future leaders from our Group. Our CEO Marcus Smola is there in person and, together with top-class speakers and trainers, prepares an unforgettable day for our youngsters.

On this special day, the focus is on identifying and strengthening personal strengths, especially in the area of "soft skills". Our experienced coach, Peter Traa, accompanies the participants on their journey of individual potential development in order to set long-term development impulses.

Who knows, maybe you can already be part of the next Best Talents Day?


Marius Füchtemann
Front Office Manager at the Best Western Hotel Dortmund Airport

"Working in the hotel industry, especially at the front office, has always fascinated me. Dealing with guests from different cultures and countries is very exciting, especially here at Dortmund Airport. We welcome many travelers from Eastern Europe, such as Russia, Poland and Ukraine. This diversity makes our work so exciting and enriching. We speak a lot of English at the front office with our international guests, which also suits me.

As a Front Office Manager, I am very guest-oriented on the one hand and very numbers-oriented on the other. My heart beats for direct contact with the guests, while at the same time I get an insight into the business processes behind the scenes. I am responsible for a team of four dedicated employees with whom I have a very good working relationship.

A typical working day for me starts at 8 a.m. and my first stop is the coffee machine. I always start the day with the most difficult task. Then I deal with emails, take care of accounting tasks, the team, guest care and much more. Sometimes I also do the early shift, where we mainly deal with check-outs, email processing and phone calls. In the mornings, the focus is on the guests and in the afternoons I do office work. Depending on the time of day, we also support other departments, especially in the banquet area and coffee breaks. Once a week, we have a department manager meeting and discuss cross-departmental issues. It's great how all departments work together here.

What I particularly like about the corporate culture at Best Western is the support and collegiality. We get help and support, especially with reservations, and the quality of work is always up to brand standards. I have also benefited from some training programs such as the BEST Talents Day.

For me, front office management is my dream job. If you are flexible, able to work under pressure and enjoy taking on responsibility, then you will be successful in this position. I would advise anyone looking for a new job not to be put off by preconceptions about the hotel industry. If you are open and eager to learn and enjoy working with people, then apply! It's an exciting industry where you can constantly learn and be successful."

Marius Füchtemann

One tree is planted for each application?

Click A Tree
At Best Western, we value shared growth, both within our company and in the world around us. That's why we've launched a groundbreaking initiative: For every application we receive, we plant a tree.

Why trees? Because they are invaluable to our planet and our community. Trees are powerful symbols of life, strength and sustainability. Not only do they provide clean air and a stable climate, but they also create habitats for diverse wildlife. Trees are like employees in a business: They contribute significantly to growth and stability.

By planting a tree for every job application, we show our commitment to the environment and our dedication to a sustainable future. At the same time, we demonstrate our commitment to our employees, who should feel comfortable in an environment that supports both their professional development and our planet. And we're not just creating jobs here at home, but also globally for people in less privileged regions of our planet.

Bonus: In cooperation with our reforestation partner Click A Tree, we not only support a holistic sustainable reforestation project, but also co-finance two entrepreneurial schools at the same time. In this way, your application to us actively contributes to giving ambitious young people in Ghana a fair chance at a better future.

We look forward to growing with you and making a positive impact on our planet. Your application with us contributes to making our joint growth something special.

Tobias Wilke
Revenue Manager at the Best Western Plus Hotel Köln City

"Hey, I'm Tobias, and I work as a Revenue Manager at Provent Hotels, where I'm also responsible for the Best Western Hotels Cologne and Papenburg. In addition to my job, I am currently studying business psychology in a digital live format at the FOM.

Why did I choose the hotel industry? I was born into this industry. My father was a hotel manager for many years. Later, my parents ran their own restaurant for a long time. My aunt and uncle are also both in the hotel business. I started working as a bartender when I was 18 and realized how much I enjoyed being a host. That's why I decided to train as a hotel manager at the Dorint Hotel am Nürburgring.

The special thing about revenue management is the constant variety. It's not a classic 9-to-5 job. You can never predict what will happen next. New challenges require creative solutions. There is no standard approach here. The position of revenue manager can be an excellent starting point for a career in the hotel industry, but also for moving into other sectors. Even the food retail sector uses targeted revenue management today.

A broad knowledge and interest in figures and statistics, as well as the motivation to constantly expand this, is helpful when starting out in revenue management. The exciting thing about this field is that new innovations and computer programs are constantly being developed, which we have to learn and apply.

Further training at the German Hotel Academy helped me to create a good foundation for the profession of revenue manager. There I was able to deepen my existing knowledge and basic skills, but also learn new things. However, my environment was also important for my career. I was lucky enough to have a great manager who took me by the hand and encouraged me in this area, but also challenged me. Today, I know many aspects of revenue management just as well as he did.

I like to work with data on demand and consumer behavior and try to draw the right conclusions to generate revenue. And that is a skill that is particularly important in my job and also the reason why I like this profession so much. Between all the figures and tables, I can really get lost in them for hours on end without losing the fun in my work.

The hotel industry offers exciting and varied career opportunities and I'm looking forward to my next steps."

Tobias Wilke