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Conference facilities

Find out more about our event options here. We have various rooms available for different event formats. From room sizes and sketches to possible seating arrangements and corresponding numbers of participants to conference technology - here are the details!

Number of conference rooms: 16

Maximum number of persons in the largest room with auditorium seating: 636

Hybrid and digital meeting options

Digital event formats

Digital / Video Conferences, Webinars, Stream events, Interactive Forum, Hybrid Conference, Multisite Conference


Digital event technology

Smartscreens / Monitors / Mobile Monitors, Video camera, Microphones, Presenter, Lighting, Sound equipment

Stage furniture, video data projector, screens, exhibition stands, microphones, sound system, lightning technology, speaker transfer, high powered beamer, up to 1 GB upload and download to the internet, digital roomcaption

We offer a variety of all you can eat theme-buffets and Candlelight dinners in our restaurant. Furthermore you have the possibility to enjoy the best asparagus at a dinner on an asparagus-farm or an elegant dinner menu with an integrated winetasting. If you prefer a special culinary event you can choose between a BBQ on the terrace, our program “create your own event” or fresh-cooked dinner made in a wok.

Large events can be held near the hotel here:

Name Max. persons Distance
Staufersaal Palatin  1263  0,00 km
Minnesängersaal  263  0,00 km

Our BEST program for fun and a great time: The Palatin cultural events
Enjoy a wonderful evening at one of our many different events. We offer an affectionately and manifold arranged program which includes a variety of musicals, concerts, cabarets, theaters, dinner shows and much more. And the best: you don’t even have to depart the Hotel.

Our BEST cultural programming: Visit Heidelberg and its castle!
Explore the historical old town of Heidelberg either on a guided city tour or on a boat cruise along the Neckar. Another must do is a ride with the mountain railway which brings you directly to the famous Heidelberg castle where you can enjoy a great view all over the city.

Our BEST sports programming: Soccer Golf

This is a new trend sport which supports teamspirit during a fun matchday. It is a connection between soccer and golf and definitely a funny compensation after a long workday.

Hockenheimring, Vineyards, Technical museums nearby
Visit the Hockenheimring for a speedy adventure with the whole team or get on a vineyard tour including wine tasting on our own Palatin vinyeard.

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Express Inquiry

If you would like to receive a custom offer for your detailed requirements from the MICE Desk, please send us your meeting request.

Detailed inquiry

Convention rooms

Not specified number of persons, especially in the banquet seating, you will receive gladly on request

Room Length Width Height Area (m2) Floor
Sickingen 2 4,50 m 7,50 m 4,30 m 39,00 16 10 26 Yes Yes
Gruppenraum 1 4,80 m 4,30 m 2,70 m 20,00 Yes Yes
Bühne Staufersaal 24,50 m 10,00 m 12,00 m 186,00 50 100 Yes
Wissenlo 2 9,00 m 6,70 m 2,40 m 58,00 30 20 40 Yes Yes
Bronner 9,00 m 3,60 m 3,15 m 32,00 30 Yes Yes
Wissenlo 1+2 18,10 m 6,70 m 2,40 m 101,00 60 20 80 Yes Yes
Pfalzgrafen 5,80 m 4,50 m 4,00 m 25,00 Yes Yes
Hohenhardt 8,00 m 5,00 m 2,70 m 39,00 Yes Yes
Sickingen 1 - 3 19,00 m 7,50 m 4,30 m 149,00 90 50 150 Yes Yes
Wissenlo 1 9,10 m 4,80 m 2,40 m 43,00 23 30 Yes Yes
Sickingen 1 7,00 m 7,50 m 4,30 m 55,00 30 18 40 Yes Yes
Sickingen 1+2 oder Sickingen 2+3 11,50 m 7,50 m 4,30 m 94,00 50 30 60 Yes Yes
Minnesängersaal 13,40 m 18,40 m 5,40 m 280,00 120 50 263 Yes Yes
Staufersaal mit Foyer 37,00 m 38,00 m 10,00 m 1.270,00 636 1263 Yes Yes
Staufersaal 26,30 m 38,00 m 10,00 m 720,00 412 833 No No
Gruppenraum 2 4,80 m 4,30 m 2,70 m 20,00 Yes Yes
Denkwerkstatt 22,00 m 4,50 m 2,50 m 106,00 40 Yes Yes
Sickingen 3 7,00 m 7,50 m 4,30 m 55,00 30 18 40 Yes Yes
Foyer 50,00 m 11,00 m 4,15 m 550,00 192 430 Yes Yes
Geistesblitz 9,00 m 4,50 m 2,70 m 43,00 Yes Yes